Tan-mosho is a Kyrgyz national dish. Tan- mosho looks like small plaits, sprinkled with powdered sugar and are served hot with tea.

Kyrgyz cuisine (Kyr. Kyrgyz ashkanasy) – national cuisine of the Kazakh people. According to the technology and range of products it is very close to the kitchen other Turkic nomadic peoples. Some of the differences are in the south and north of the country.

Differences in traditional dishes and tastes of the northern and southern Kyrgyz due to territorial disunity and proximity to different peoples. For example, in the northern regions of the main festive dish is beshbarmak – finely crumbled boiled meat with noodles, while the south is more popular pilaf, apparently borrowed from the Asian peoples settled. There are differences in the tea preferences. In the north, a popular black tea with milk, tea is brewed own Russian way, and popular Russian samovars.

Ingredients for preparing Tan-mosho:

In the south, the milk is not added to tea, tea drinking traditions are similar to the Uzbek, a popular green tea.

  • 400 g flour.
  • 100 g oil.
  • 50 g sugar.
  • 25 g yeast.


  • Make the dough from all the ingredients and let it double the size.
  • Knead carefully and shape small twisted plaits on a working surface.
  • Fry in a large quantity of oil.